All of the retail space in a new downtown Sioux Falls development is spoken for.

Less than a year ago Jones421 welcomed its first businesses.

Soon, all the space will be full.

“It’s going to be crazy in here,” Kelly Grovijahn said.

Grovijahn moved her boutique, MK Threads, into the Jones building in August. She already wants more space and is moving to a location that’s around triple the size.

Eight other retailers have opened at Jones within the past year, and four more will soon join them, including a children’s clothing boutique.

“I like the area. I like that there’s multiple stores down here. I like that it’s across from a place that brings in a ton of people,” Corduroy & Pixie Dust Owner Heather Ness said.

Just across the road an outdoor music venue will open this year. Levitt at the Falls will host 50 free concerts every year.

“I think in the next couple of years things are going to boom down here, so get in now while it’s just starting to develop,” Ness said.

“All of the stuff that’s going to be happening down here within the next few months is absolutely incredible,” Papa Woody’s Owner Lisa Esser said.

Esser is expanding her food truck to the Jones building. Papa Woody’s will sell wood-fired pizza, along with other food.

Intoxibakes will also soon open here, along with a restaurant focused on healthy foods.

“Families really enjoy coming to one place and having multiple different types of food they can choose from,” Esser said.

Another unique aspect of the building is that people actually live upstairs. All of the lofts except for three are now spoken for.

“You have built-in customers. All of the tenants up above are going to be coming down regularly for lunch and dinner,” Esser said.

A mix that is sprouting more business from an old seed building.

The building is home to 32 condos. You can find more details here.